A Casebook for Exploring Diversity (2nd Edition)

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TitleA Casebook for Exploring Diversity (2nd Edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRedman, GL
Series EditorRedman, GL
Number of Pages189
PublisherPrentice Hall
ISBN Number0130938092

With its concrete, focused cases, the second edition of this casebook again focuses on the wealth of multicultural and diversity issues faced by today's teachers. Its thirty-six authentic cases offer opportunities for analysis on several levels and are sufficiently complex so as to invite multiple interpretations. They present examples of everyday situations involving gender, ethnicity, race, religion, language, affectional orientation, socioeconomic status, parents, and community...even technology. The cases involve classroom issues that are relevant to all grade levels and all content areas, allowing instructors significant flexibility in their use. This book focuses readers on self-reflection, application and further study. Coverage includes the challenges and opportunities offered by teaching, and invites future teachers to explore diversity issues more deeply and broadly. For professionals in the field of teaching.

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