A Brief Course in Business Statistics

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TitleA Brief Course in Business Statistics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsMendenhall, W, Beaver, RJ, Beaver, BM
Series EditorMendenhall, W, Beaver, RJ, Beaver, BM
Number of Pages694
PublisherSouth-Western College Pub
ISBN Number0534381308

Based on their popular book, A COURSE IN BUSINESS STATISTICS, this condensed text by William Mendenhall, Robert J. Beaver, and Barbara M. Beaver emphasizes the important concepts and methods of statistics that students are likely to see and use in their future courses and careers. Clear and easy to comprehend, this text achieves a balance of manual and computer methods, and emphasizes applications. The authors' approach is reflected in their objective: to make inferences about a population from information contained in a sample drawn from that population, and to assess the reliability of the inference. Students are shown how to solve problems even where uncertainty exists, because uncertain situations will confront them in business. Using this knowledge, students soon begin to understand the role of statistics in making informed business decisions and in shaping daily life, and to appreciate the implications of reported statistics.

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