Family Law and Practice: The Paralegal's Guide

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TitleFamily Law and Practice: The Paralegal's Guide
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsLuppino, GA, Miller, JFG
Series EditorLuppino, GA, Miller, JFG
Number of Pages537
PublisherPrentice Hall
ISBN Number0139011250
KeywordsLaw, Private law, Social Sciences

For undergraduate courses in Family Law; specifically designed for paralegal students in degree and non-degree programs. This book thoroughly prepares students in the areas of family law they will most likely encounter in the real world (with an emphasis on the theoretical, procedural and practical aspects of the divorce process). This nuts-and-bolts textbook offers an easy-to-understand, entertaining, yet sufficiently thorough study of family law that provides students with a working knowledge they can take right from the classroom into professional practice.

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