A Course in Business Statistics

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TitleA Course in Business Statistics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMendenhall, W, Beaver, RJ, Beaver, BM
Number of Pages837
PublisherWadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN Number0534265081

This text offers comprehensive coverage with ample material and flexibility for both one- and two-term introduction to business statistics courses offered at the undergraduate and MBA level (high school algebra prerequisite). Case studies open chapters to motivate the subject matter and are revisited at the chapter's end with questions that require the student to analyze and interpret the problem and to make decisions. Computer output and graphics (including Minitab, Excel, and SAS) are used throughout the text as a pedagogical aid to focus the student on understanding and interpreting results. The authors focus on the application of statistics to real business problems by including exercises, examples, and case studies based on data from business journals and the popular press.

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