Marketing W/Student CD-ROM and PowerWeb

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TitleMarketing W/Student CD-ROM and PowerWeb
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsEtzel, MJ, Walker, BJ, Stanton, WJ, Etzel, M, Walker, B, Stanton, W
Number of Pages736
ISBN Number0072553723
KeywordsCommerce, communications, transport, Social Sciences

Marketing, 13/e, by Etzel, Walker and Stanton continues to be a popular, low-cost, paperback option in the Principles market. This text is thoroughly revised, completely updated, and continues to incorporate technology, and feature in-text and boxed examples that highlight global issues, technology, ethics, and applied decision making, chapter opening cases, and part-ending cases. Other marketing themes integrated throughout the text include critical and current themes such as global marketing, customer relationship management, small business and entrepreneurship. This edition features a completely new design, a new Student CD-ROM, a revised supplements package and an interactive web page.

Dewey ID659
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