Start, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business (Business Owner's Toolkit series)

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TitleStart, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business (Business Owner's Toolkit series)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsIncorporated, CCH
Series EditorIncorporated, CCH
Number of Pages702
PublisherToolkit Media Group
ISBN Number0808007394
KeywordsGeneral management, Management & Auxiliary Services, Technology

This resource offers tools designed for the special needs of small business owners—from startup to shutdown, from business planning to marketing, from business financing to personal wealth—that are drawn from CCH’s online services of software tools and expert advice. Covered in detail are suggestions for marketing wisely and cheaply; tips for managing cash flow, including credit and collections; and techniques for creating a business plan that serves as an organizational blueprint and earns financial backing. Effective approaches to managing human resources are also examined, including payroll, benefits, and hiring and firing. This replaces 0808004131.

Dewey ID658.022
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