Face the Music (Hannah Montana #9)

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TitleFace the Music (Hannah Montana #9)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBeechwood, B
Series EditorBeechwood, B
Number of Pages128
PublisherDisney Press
ISBN Number1423107721
KeywordsLevel 5, Reading Book

Series Description:Miley Stewart looks like a regular girl-next-door, but she’s got a big secret. When the lights go down, Miley is the famous teen pop sensation Hannah Montana! Miley may be a celebrity when she’s on stage, but she wants the rest of her life to be as normal as possible. The only people who know the truth about Miley’s dual identity are her father, brother, and best friends Lilly and Oliver. But keeping that secret—and balancing school with her newfound fame and fortune—is harder than Miley ever thought it would be.  Hannah Montana #7: When Miley’s scheming, look-alike cousin Luann pays a visit, she’s surprisingly well behaved. Miley thinks they finally might have gotten over the rough patch from their childhood, and even invites Luann to the coolest Halloween party in town. But when Luann hog-ties Miley in her pop-star closet, Miley realizes she’s made a big mistake! Will Miley’s friends rescue her in time to stop Luann from revealing Miley’s secret identity? Plus, when Miley’s grandmother comes for a visit, Miley’s brother Jackson seems to be getting more than his fair share of attention. Didn’t anyone teach Grandma Stewart not to play favorites?  Hannah Montana #8: Ever since Jake Ryan started acting on the TV show, Zombie High, Miley thinks he’s become a huge egomaniac. So when he invites Miley to the school Seventies Dance, she says no. Then Hannah Montana guest stars on Jake’s show, and Miley realizes she might have been wrong about her former crush—but is it too late? Plus, when Miley and Jake start using other people to make each other jealous, it’s bound to backfire—Miley just never expected it would be on her!Hannah Montana #9: When Hannah Montana becomes a spokesmodel in a TV commercial for a new perfume, there’s only one problem—she hates it! But when she gets an incredibly hot gift for being the new face of Eau Wow, Miley starts to reconsider. . . . But could she really go on TV and lie to the whole world? Plus, when Miley accidentally gets her brother Jackson fired from his job, she makes him Hannah Montana’s assistant—with serious consequences!

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