Handbook of Information Security Management

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TitleHandbook of Information Security Management
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsTipton, HF
Series EditorTipton, HF
Number of Pages729
PublisherAuerbach Publications
ISBN Number0849399475
KeywordsGeneral management, Management & Auxiliary Services, Technology

Completely revised and updated, the 1999 edition of Handbook of Information Security Management reveals the precise nuts and bolts of exactly how to handle all the most challenging security problems.Handbook of Information Security Management provides dozens of case studies and analyses showing your students exactly how to protect systems and data using the latest tools. With Handbook of Information Security Management, your students will learn how to take the offensive in the battle against information security threats by seeing how the experts do it.Handbook of Information Security Management delivers in-depth guidance on:

  • organizing a corporate information security function
  • creating a framework for developing security awareness throughout the company
  • analyzing and managing risk
  • developing a business continuity plan if disaster strikesZeroing in on latebreaking technical security issues, the book shows your students:
  • proven ways to design and develop secure systems
  • methods to build safeguards into the system upfront, instead of adding them at a later date
  • expert tools and techniques commonly used to create the most secure systems
  • the most effective access controls as well as various models and techniques for user verification and automated intrusion detection
  • and the easiest way to prepare for certification exams administered by the ISC-2Here your students will find complete information on microcomputer and LAN security, security for the World Wide Web, biometric identification, enterprise security architecture, implementing and managing network-based controls, using cryptography to secure communications and commercial transactions, and much more.In sum, Handbook of Information Security Management 1999 Edition will show your students how to secure systems against all intruders and security threats - no matter where they come from.
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