A Cinderella Story: Movie Novelization

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TitleA Cinderella Story: Movie Novelization
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsWasserman, R
Number of Pages135
PublisherScholastic Paperbacks
ISBN Number043965341X
KeywordsLevel 4, Reading Book

Once upon a time: Samantha, a San Fernando Valley teen, lived with her widowed dad. Then, he fell into the marital clutches of an evil stepmom. Now, Sam’s at the mercy of her step-monster, and stepsibs. A ray of light is her IM buddy, a guy who calls himself Nomad. They agree to meet at the Halloween ball-only when he’s revealed to be the school’s hottie football star, she panics and bails at the last second. His only clue to finding her? She dropped her cell phone. Scholastic’s movie novelization captures the fun of this romantic romp, and includes souvenir photos of the stars.

Dewey IDRL4
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