Happily Ever After (Puffin Chapters)

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TitleHappily Ever After (Puffin Chapters)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsQuindlen, A
Series EditorQuindlen, A, Stevenson, J
Number of Pages68
ISBN Number0140387064
KeywordsLevel 2, Reading Book

One day, while holding her treasured baseball mitt, Kate makes a wish. And poof!— she turns into a princess in a fairy tale. But being a princess isn't at all what Kate imagined. Before long, she's fighting off dragons, entertaining witches, and teaching the ladies-in-waiting how to play baseball. With Kate around, fairy tale land will never be the same again! Amazon.com ReviewEight-year-old Kate is a tomboy, but not your typical tomboy. She loves baseball and hates wearing dresses, but she can often be found in her room reading a good old fairy tale and imagining herself as the beautiful princess. One day, while dreamily staring at the princess's crown, Kate magically wishes herself into the fairy tale. Now Kate is the princess and she will soon find out that being royalty isn't all that it's cracked up to be. After rescuing herself from the evil knight (the "wimp" of a prince couldn't manage this on his own), teaching a witch and troll to play jacks, and training her ladies-in-waiting in the art of baseball, Kate finds the princess life pretty dull and wishes her way back home. Kate realizes that being her old tomboy self, minus the crown, isn't so bad, and in fact it's pretty great. Author Anna Quindlen's charming story will appeal to all children interested in dragons, knights, adventures, and living happily ever after. (Ages 5 to 9)

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