Visualizing Technology, Introductory

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TitleVisualizing Technology, Introductory
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGeoghan, D
Series EditorGeoghan, D
PublisherPrentice Hall
ISBN Number013137625X

Product Description This book is unlike anything you've seen before.  You won't find long paragraphs of text that go on forever; instead you will find a highly visual layout with bite-sized chunks of texts, images used to represent concepts, making them easy to remember, chapters organized as articles with catchy headlines, and a Facebook page to stimulate and foster discussion.    What is a computer? Hardware. File Management. Digital Devices and Multimedia. Application Software. System Software. The Internet and World Wide Web. Communicating and Sharing: The Social Web. Networks and Communication. Security and Privacy. Databases. Software and Application Development. Blogger. Mind Maps. Google Docs.   MARKET: With an innovative and easy to read writing style, Visualizing Technology teaches readers the basics of using a computer, from File Management to Hardware and Software and the Internet.

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