Guidance of Young Children (8th Edition) (myeducationlab)

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TitleGuidance of Young Children (8th Edition) (myeducationlab)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMarion, MC
Series EditorMarion, MC
EditionEighth Edition
Number of Pages368
ISBN Number0137034024
KeywordsEducation, research in philosophy, Philosophy & Psychology

Product Description Based on her belief that adults need to have realistic expectations of children, Marian Marion's Guidance of Young Children emphasizes understanding young children's development, using a developmentally appropriate approach to guidance, and thinking critically in making wise guidance decisions.   social-emotional development,  guiding children during routines and transitions, Revised presentation on child development, methods of observing, Expanded and revised coverage on theories, theoretical application to constructing physical environments  For Early Childhood Educators teaching courses on Guidance & Management of Young Children.

Dewey ID371
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