Teaching Today: An Introduction to Education (8th Edition)

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TitleTeaching Today: An Introduction to Education (8th Edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsArmstrong, DG, Henson, KT, Savage, TV
Series EditorArmstrong, DG, Henson, KT, Savage, TV
Number of Pages392
ISBN Number0131595520
KeywordsEducation, School management; special education, Social Sciences

Product DescriptionAn introduction to the field of education designed to motivate novice teachers and encourage them to be more reflective, analytical, and self-aware.  The book focuses on the four main aspects of teaching:                                                                                                 ·        General characteristics·        The varied needs of today’s learners ·        Approaches to management, teaching, and assessment·        The influences of technology, philosophy, sociology, and history on today’s teachers The text shows the present day reality of teaching in this age of economic reform.  It strives to help teachers to record their growth towards becoming a certified teacher through the Initial Development Portfolio feature.  Organized into three parts, The Changing Profession, Working with Students, and Forces Shaping Educational Policies and Practices, this revised edition continues to help both undergraduate and graduate students develop a broad understanding of the complex world of education.

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