Cathodic Protection: Industrial Solutions for Protecting Against Corrosion

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TitleCathodic Protection: Industrial Solutions for Protecting Against Corrosion
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVolkan, C
Number of Pages329
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
ISBN Number9781118290408

As a companion to their first book, Corrosion Chemistry, published by Wiley-Scrivener, Cathodic Protection covers both the theoretical aspects of cathodic protection and the practical applications of the technology. Of use to engineers and scientists across a variety of disciplines and industries, this is the most up-to-date and timely treatment of cathodic protection on the market. Both books together offer the engineer, scientist, or student the most useful guide to corrosion and cathodic protection ever written. Though several books on similar topics have been written in the past, nothing has been produced within the last 20 years that covers these topics in such a comprehensive fashion and in such a useable format. Efficient and to-the-point, these guides are rich in valuable information for the engineer working in the field, the scientist researching this area, or the student hopeful of obtaining a degree in mechanical, petroleum, electrical, process, or chemical engineering. As a reference for the engineer in the field, Cathodic Protection is both a refresher for the veteran on the chemistry of cathodic protection and its uses, over a variety of industries. It is the most up-to-date, comprehensive treatment of cathodic protection available, covering the most cutting-edge new processes and theories. For the freshman engineer just entering the field, it is a tremendous introduction to this science. As a textbook, it can be used for a single semester technical course in undergraduate and postgraduate education for disciplines such as chemistry, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, agricultural engineering, and other related technical fields.

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