Beyond Words: Reading and Writing in a Visual Age

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TitleBeyond Words: Reading and Writing in a Visual Age
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsRuszkiewicz, J, Anderson, D, Friend, C
Series EditorRuszkiewicz, J, Anderson, D, Friend, C
Number of Pages512
ISBN Number0321276019
KeywordsEnglish & Old English, Language

Beyond Words is a highly visual, thematically-organized reader intended for use in introductory composition courses. With 350 images and over 70 readings, Beyond Words offers a rich environment in which students can learn strategies for reading and responding to both verbal and visual texts and practice informative, analytical, and persuasive writing. With more writing process instruction than similar texts, Beyond Words is the most accessible and teachable visual reader available today. The topics of its chapters and readings resonate with many of the most popular themes taught in composition courses: identity, place, storytelling, news and media, consumer culture, information technology, advertising, health and fitness, public memorials. The end-of chapter "Assignment and Projects" sections offer uniquely in-depth and detailed assignments, while also providing unique student samples. Writing assignments begin with informative writing, move to analytical writing, and conclude with persuasive writing.The opening chapters present an overview of critical reading and writing strategies in language that completely avoids jargon and composition terminology in favor of a transparent and common-sense style that students will appreciate and enjoy.

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