Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional (second edition)

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TitleIntroduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional (second edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsP, KDonald, D, EPaul
Number of Pages577
PublisherPrentice Hall
ISBN Number0131137719

The second edition of the best-selling case-based introduction to teaching text, "Introduction to Teaching: Becoming A Professional," is organized around three themes--Professionalism, Reform, and Decision Making--which provide the threads that bind the topics of the chapters together. As the only case-based introduction to teaching text, each chapter begins with a case study that provides a framework for the discussions that follow and helps the reader understand how chapter topics relate to the real world of teaching. NEW! Expanded emphasis on "decision making" as a critical aspect of professionalism is introduced as a theme in Chapter 1 and further developed at the end of each chapter in a section titled "Decision Making: Defining Yourself as a Professional." In this section students are asked to think about personal and professional decisions that will influence the kinds of teachers they will be. NEW! Expanded development of professionalism in Chapter 1 also includes discussion of "INTASC principles, Praxis II," and "professional portfolios," and continues throughout each chapter to help students understand what professionalism means and how it is connected to classroom planning and practice. NEW! "Praxis Practice," a case-based, end-of-chapter feature, helps students prepare to successfully pass the Praxis II exam. Readers can submit their responses and receive feedback on our companion website. NEW! Chapter case studies and corresponding icon are reformatted to help readers identify and more easily make the connection between the cases, chapter content, and classroom application. Continued in this edition are the popularfeatures "Reflect on This, Teaching in an Era of Reform," and "Exploring Diversity" which encourage the readers to visit the companion website for further research and applications.

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