College Algebra (2nd Edition)

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TitleCollege Algebra (2nd Edition)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsDugopolski, M
Series EditorDugopolski, M
PublisherAddison Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN Number0201347113
KeywordsAlgebra & number theory, Mathematics, Science

* The use of technology in the Dugopolski precalculus series for 1999 is optional. Thus, instructors may choose to offer either a strong technology-oriented course, or a course that does not make use of technology. For departments requiring both options, this text provides the advantage of flexibility. College Algebra is designed for students who are pursuing further study in mathematics, but is equally appropriate for those who are not. For those students who plan to study additional mathematics, this text provides the skills, understanding and insights necessary for success in future courses. For students who do not plan to pursue mathematics further, the emphasis on applications and modeling demonstrates the usefulness and applicability of mathematics in today's world. Additionally, the author's focus on problem solving provides numerous opportunities for students to reason and think their way through problems. The mathematics presented here is interesting, useful, and worth studying. One of the author's principal goals in writing this text is to get students to feel the same way.

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