BioOne BioOne is a global, not-for-profit collaboration bringing together scientific societies, publishers, and libraries to provide access to critical, peer-reviewed research in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

BioOne sees sustainable scholarly publishing as an inherently collaborative enterprise connecting authors, nonprofit publishers, academic institutions, research libraries, and research funders in the common goal of maximizing access to critical research.

Cambridge Journals

In line with the commitment of Cambridge University Press to advance learning, knowledge and research worldwide, the Press currently publishes over 250 peer-reviewed academic journals for the global market.

Containing the latest research from a broad sweep of subject areas, Cambridge journals are accessible worldwide in print and online.

Cornell University Library ArXiv is an e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics.

Submissions to arXiv must conform to Cornell University academic standards. arXiv is owned and operated by Cornell University, a private not-for-profit educational institution. Open access to 649,393 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics.

DLA: Digital Library and Archives. Digital Library and Archives (DLA) provides access to scholarly electronic serials that are peer-reviewed, full text.

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Sticky DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages.

IOPscience IOPscience is a platform for IOP-hosted journal content. It incorporates some of the most innovative technologies to enhance your user experience.

IOP Publishing is a world leader in scientific publishing and the electronic dissemination of physics. Our publishing activity, which dates back to 1874, includes a wide range of journals, magazines and websites.

JSTOR JSTOR is one of the world's most trusted sources for academic content.

OECD iLibrary OECD iLibrary is OECD’s Online Library for Books, Papers and Statistics and the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data.

Open E-books Library Sticky This is the category of e-books available under free licenses such as GFDL, Creative Commons license, Project Gutenberg-tm License, other freedom to use and distribution licenses.

Since this is the category of e-books, there is no search option. You should visit the web site and reach the categorized books.

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Open Library Sticky One web page for every book ever published. It's a lofty but achievable goal.

To date, Open Library have gathered over 20 million records from a variety of large catalogs as well as single contributions, with more on the way. Open Library is an open project: The software is open, the data are open, the documentation is open, and we welcome your contribution.